Buy UK Driving License


We work with 4 large driving schools in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern ireland, where hundreds of UK drivers get their driving license every year. However, we understand that these countries may be too far from you or that you may not have much time and money depending on where you live. Your file will be treated with consistency and professionalism under the name of one of these driving schools, so that there is no visible difference between this and the others. We will register you for the theoretical and practical exam and you will automatically make it without taking the theoretical and practical exam. Your driver’s license will then be delivered by one of these driving schools, which you send us on behalf of our partnership and after we have registered the driver’s license via our local contact in the UK State Archives.

Real UK driving licence made specifically for you

Need a licence to drive a car in the UK? UK Express Drive has joined efforts with leading driving schools to issue a valid driver’s licence for any person at short notice. Our partner schools are located in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and are fully accredited to run driving courses and teach people to drive. No eyebrows are going to be raised when holding a licence from one of these schools.

The process of obtaining a new UK driver’s licence

Because it’s a real driver’s licence, the process of obtaining it includes standard theoretical lessons and a practical exam, except that you don’t have to undergo anything. We’ll arrange those for you to create your record in the system and mark them as ‘Successfully Passed’ without further ado. Nothing could be easier for you.

You don’t have to connect with our partner driving schools to proceed. The entire process works like this:

  1. You let us know you want to buy an original driving licence.
  2. You pay for it after your application request is processed.
  3. We create a driving school record for you as a student to prove you’ve taken driving lessons and passed the exam.
  4. A real UK driving licence is issued to your name by the selected driving school.
  5. We register your valid document with the National Archives.
  6. You receive it.

Is this really ‘Express’ service?

With UK Express Drive, you always take an express route to get a UK licence. Most of our customers, UK citizens and those from other countries, describe our service as the fastest out there. To back their words up, we undertake to provide your document within 7 days upon ordering a genuine driving licence online. This includes setting up a driving school record and registration with the UK’s National Archives.

Pressed for time? The service can be sped up for an additional fee.

Categories of UK driving licences for sale

Whether you’re going to drive a motorbike, passenger car or minibus, it’s equally easy to obtain an appropriate licence for your vehicle with UK Express Drive. You can pick the category you need as you submit your request, be it A, B, C or D.

Check with the UK’s current vehicle category classification system to know which category to apply for. You will get a valid driver’s licence for whichever you select.